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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Changes

I love this picture of the Spiral Galaxy, which is why I often post it on my blog. It's been awhile since I posted a blog as there has been so much happening in my life over the last few months. In addition, I am still without a laptop, as my MacBook quit working - basically I spilled water on the table I had the laptop on and it shorted it out. I was not happy with myself as I know better than to put any liquid close to it!! Hopefully I will be able to replace it soon.

There are a number of changes and transitions happening in my life at this time. I recently made the decision to start looking for another place to live and figure out what to do with my travel trailer. It took awhile to finally decide that this trailer has served its purpose, and I truly need more space to live in. So this last week I secured a storage space and have been moving all my stuff out of the trailer and into storage. I have two friends who are going to take the trailer and help me sell it. So the travel trailer will soon be history.

I've located a potential place to rent, and once my friends take the trailer,  and move all my stuff into it. I only see this move as a temporary solution until I manifest the funds to actually purchase a home with acreage. I feel I am getting much closer to realizing/manifesting all that I have been envisioning for so long. I have sensed for sometime now that letting go of the travel trailer is key to manifesting my desires at this time. I learned so much on this adventure with the travel trailer, and it is now time to move in a much different direction.

The choice to make this next "leap of faith", I have to admit was difficult, and I've done a lot of procrastinating, with all sorts of justifications for why I was not making a decision. The thing is, leaps of faith are not only defined by taking actions alone. Taking a leap of faith requires at its root, to trust that all will work out for your higher good, and that what you desire may come to you in a way you are not expecting.

Interestingly this just happened to me. I've been saving money for two purposes, and what I've saved to date I was hoping would take care of both purposes. However it was looking like this would not happen, as rents for finding a decent place to live is a lot higher than they use to be. I had found a
place I really liked, but getting it would mean I could not replace my laptop, and would have to wait. It's just that with the higher rate for renting, my budget was going to be a lot tighter and saving for a laptop would take a really long time!!

Well, this morning seemingly out of the blue, my son called me with a really good deal he found on a laptop. Since I want one from Apple computers, they are more expensive, even the used ones. Well this one was at a price that I could afford without touching my savings, which still allows me to get an apartment, and have a replacement laptop like I was hoping to accomplish!! This came to me in a way I didn't expect, yet it's what I desired. Even though it had been looking like that I would have to wait on getting the laptop because I really need to get an apartment at this time, and let go of the travel trailer, I trusted that it would all work out for my highest good, and what I was desiring would come to me, and now it is.

I still need to secure another place to live, although I have a few good prospect, including the one place I really liked, and know I will find the place that is for my highest good at this time.

So, that's all for this time. Stay tuned for what is to come next. In the meantime, Blessings, Love, and Light,

Betty (aka: A. Leandra Star Child)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Little Personal Everyday Sharing

Aloe Vera At My Place

I thought I would share a picture of two Aloe Vera Plants I have been growing, and recently split into 7 potted plants, two of which I gave to my sister. I love these plants, and use them sometimes for cuts and burns as they have wonderful medicinal properties.

I am currently living in my 24ft travel trailer in a rented lot in Yuma, AZ. I have been here for almost a year now, and love being back in Yuma where my sister also lives. It's so wonderful to have family close for a change. My niece, and great niece also live in Yuma, so we have many fun times together.

My sister and I are sharing a fitness journey. It actually started last June when I moved here. She lives in an RV Park that has a wonderful swimming pool and hot tub. We started swimming, and did so all summer and into October when it finally turned cooler. Our swimming sessions consisted of laps in the pool, and different pool exercises, which would last for an hour, then we would spend about 15 minutes in the hot tub.

Near the end of September we both joined Planet Fitness and began another "leg" of our fitness journey. I chose to access the free personal training they offered and was helped in developing a cardio and weight training program, which I have followed since then. My sister was more interested in cardio - via the treadmill - and focus on endurance and burning calories. We both modified our eating habits.

So, most of the winter months were spent working out at Planet Fitness. I did well until February, when I began changing my program. I quit using the treadmill or other cardio machines as it seemed to bother my right knee. During February, March and into April I slowed down considerable in my workouts at Planet Fitness, and my sister decided to discontinue her membership in April, as she was doing a lot of walking, and we began once again our swimming sessions when the temperature were warm enough for us. My sister feels that for her swimming,  walking and modifying what she eats, works best for her and the proof is the weight she has already taken off with what she has focused on since last June. She has a weight goal in mind, and also the goal of making some form of exercise - body movement a normal part of each day.

I modified my weight training, and began doing Yoga at Planet Fitness last week, and my sister and I are now swimming at least 4 times a week. With swimming I get a "double dose" of exercise as I've been going to Planet Fitness about 5 times during a week, and plan to continue this although I listen to my body, and sometimes I simply need a rest day from the more intense days of both swimming and Planet Fitness.

Another new development in our fitness journey has to do with this very interesting device called Flex Fitbit. My sister first started using one about 2 months ago to track how many calories per day she was burning. I watched her progress with this and made the decision to also acquire one, which I did last Wednesday. I am finding it to be a wonderful tool that not only tracks the calories I burn from activities, exercise, food consumption, and sleep patterns, etc., it also works as a motivator to get me out there and moving my body each day - whether this is swimming, Planet Fitness, Yoga, or just walking around stores and at home.  I am loving it!! It is wireless - there is a free software download that you can use on home computers, laptops, cell phones, notebooks, tablets, and more. With the software it syncs with these devices to provide an ongoing use of this tool as you move through your day. It's way more than those devices that tell you how many steps you take during your day.

So, now I have a really good way to track my progress on this fitness journey I'm on with my sister. I have set a weight goal, and hope to reach this by the end of the year, or maybe even before!! The main thing with this that I want to stress, is that I am not putting myself in this strict "box". While I love using this new device, and I'm committed to making exercise a normal part of each day, I am listening closely to my body, and will modify as I move through this journey. This includes what I am choosing each day to ear as well as how I choose to move my body. Some days I simply need to rest my body, and chill at home with my computer - reading - or whatever!! It truly is a journey, and not a destination!!

Yes, I do have a weight goal, and a goal to make exercise in some form a normal part of each day, and a goal to eat healthy, however, how I choose to do this each day will vary, including the actual end goals which I may end up modifying in some way. I am just going with the flow if it all and listening carefully to my body as I move through this journey, which by the way includes having fun and enjoying the ride!!!

In addition, I feel so blessed that I also have my spiritual entourage cheering me on as I take this fitness journey. It's wonderful to have so much support, and wonderful tools to assist me with this, and with all other aspects of my life and spiritual path. I have to say, that even with all the chaos in the world that is going on at this time, I am happy to be alive and I love my life!!

Until next time, Blessings, Love and Light,

Betty (aka: A.Leandra.Starchild)

Sunday, March 22, 2015



I think one of my most favorite pictures is this spiral galaxy. I've most likely posted it before, however it resonates with me this morning as I contemplated posting a blog for March.

We just passed through a total solar eclipse and the Spring Equinox on the 20th. The energies have been quite intense, to say the least!! Time is still speeding up, and while I am so aware of how fast things are moving, I find myself in what I call a "pause", which is like standing still - taking deep breaths - and contemplating what has been transpiring, and where this all is heading at this time.

One interesting experience I had during the day of the 20th of March was a message from a group of beings calling themselves the "Stellar's"(pronounced: 'stay lars'). To preface this I had been wondering if my actions during the last few weeks was a way of dissociating from my path - or if I was indeed still on my true path of ascension. This message confirmed that what I was choosing to do was in fact very much in line with my ascension path, and that I was in essence picking up needed pieces of my "puzzle". My "puzzle" being my soul path and purpose in being here at this time.

They told me that while I may not comprehend this entirely at this point, that as I continued to move through this phase of my ascension, it would be revealed to me. So, it was important for me to relax, and continue to follow my inner voice - urges - and trust my process. And, of course remain in the present moment.

It has been emphasized a number of times lately that I still allow the perceptions of others to influence me. This has been an ongoing issue, and I thought I had finally resolved it, only to realize that in subtle ways I was still engaged in allowing it to happen. This is part of the old programming I recognized a long time ago and have been working on ever since. It's like there have been layer after layer of this - slowly peeling away each layer - and I have to wonder how many more layers there are left to reveal and let go of. However, I think the key here is to let it all go - the wondering - the speculations - just roll with the waves as they come and continue to let go of anything that surfaces that is not for my highest good.

I continue to find gratitude each day for where I am on my path, and for all I have, even though to others it may not seem like I do not have that much - in terms of material things. What is more important is what I feel inside my being - who I am - as true happiness and peace lies within.

Dreams have been very interesting over the last few weeks, and continue to reveal to me what I am processing as I move through this time. They definitely show me that I am breaking free from the old 3d world and programming that has had me so anchored in it. I continue to make the intention to leave the old world behind and embrace the new reality I am now aware of and anchoring myself into.

One other aspect I would like to speak of at this point is my connection to the beings I have regularly communicated with over the years while awake and aware on my spiritual journey, and how my communications have changed over this time. I feel another change happening at this time as well, and while I am not entirely comprehending how this will express, I feel confident that I simply need to let it "play out" and trust without expectations of the "How", and "When" of this change.

These beings are always with me - I sense them - know they are there - and that all I have to do is open communication with them - much like we talk with others in physical body here on Earth. I communicate telepathically - they are just a "thought away" from me. I think one day we, who are here in our ascended physical bodies, will also communicate in this way, without the need for telephones - or physical devices.

Perhaps, that has been a main function of learning how to connect with non physical beings - to show us that we can learn to communicate this way without physical devices. Interesting thought I just had this very moment!!!

Well, with that, I will say bye for now. Until next time, Blessings, Love and Light,

Betty (aka: A. Leandra Star Child)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Progress in Physicality


Being back in Arizona has been really great. I loved living in Nevada, except for the cold winter months. The summer months in Central Nevada are awesome. The winter months in Arizona are also awesome, as are the hot summer months. What I love most about summer in Yuma, Arizona is how warm it is in the middle of the night. It's still hot, but not as intense as it is during the daylight hours when the sun is blazing down!! 

I've been on a fitness journey since last July when I started swimming with my sister at the pool where she lives. Then in September I joined Planet Fitness, and I am currently in the 4th month of my  exercise program. My program is a 4 day a week one that works all parts of my body between the cardio part, and weight training. 

My body is changing, and I am getting stronger and the excess weight is leaving. It's not a fast process, however I tend to think that doing it in a slower manner will result in creating good habits and lasting results. One of my goals is to make exercise, in some form a natural part of each day. I made a one year commitment to Planet Fitness, which I will honor. After this I will either continue a membership with them, or have created my home space to accommodate my goal of exercising every day. 

In fact, in working on accommodating my goal at home, which right now is a travel trailer, I decided to put up my big tent and create a space to workout in. One problem, however is the wind we get here at times, which essentially mostly blew down my tent last week, so I came up with a strategy to make it more secure. We have not had any "wild wind" since I came up with this strategy so I will see how it fares when this happens. If my strategy works, then I will be setting up this space to workout in between the days I go to Planet Fitness, which will include Yoga and exercises with my free weights and balance ball. 

Recently I found a Yoga class that offered this basic Yoga class every day at noon, which I felt would fit right in with my Planet Fitness schedule. Unfortunately, after the first class, which I actually enjoyed, I found out I had looked at a schedule that was no longer in effect, and the class I wanted was only offered twice a week. So, I chose to not continue taking the class. I learned, however, in that one class that I could do all the postures that the instructor presented, and that I had been doing them correctly. So, I feel what I got from this one class was quite valuable. 

I feel that Yoga and the exercises I do with my program at Planet Fitness are very complimentary, and will help me sculpt the body I truly desire. So, during the next months as I fine tune what I will be doing at home in between my workouts at Planet Fitness,  I have a feeling I will see even better results than I have experienced to date. In addition this his will indeed strengthen my goal to be doing some sort of exercise everyday. 

Focusing on physical fitness quite naturally compliments my ascension process as ascension is an integration of body, mind and spirit. Integration in the sense of merging with the Higher Dimensional Realms, my Higher Self, my Light Body, along with my Physical Body which also includes other bodies - mental, emotional, etheric, causal, and any unknown ones that will be revealed as I move through this process. This makes up my true "Multidimensional Self" - as an Ascended Being of Light. 

It has definitely been an interesting journey these last several months, and moving into 2015. As we passed into 2015, for me it felt like a whole new beginning - more so than any other time of passing from one year to the next. The energy felt very different, and initially there was this feeling of being in a space of "pause" - a quietness or calmness. Then as I moved on into January I experienced some "bumps", and lots of ascension symptoms as my body continued to change with not only my exercise program, but also as a result of the shifting energies of the ascension process. 

As I progressed toward the middle of January I started missing my workout days. One thing I was learning was to listen to my body, and honor what I was sensing/feeling. Mostly I felt like resting, and as a result I missed a lot of days between the middle and end of January, to the point where I actually considered giving up my membership at Planet Fitness. In addition an old pattern of allowing myself to be influenced by the opinions of others surfaced again. 

So, I struggled for a time with this, and it really helped me realize that I still carried energies within me that needed to be released, which I have been working on over the last few weeks. As February presented, more and more realizations came to me, and today I feel a whole new energy emerging within me. It feels good. It also reinforces how important it is to stay in the moment - letting go of looking back, or forward. Being in the moment and staying aware - listening to my body - making choices based on what I truly feel within my own being - this I know at a deep level is the way to live in this new energy. 

Today is an off day from my Planet Fitness workout, and when I woke up I felt this desire to move my body, so I did just that. In doing this I came up with my "home routine", which will vary as one thing I realized over the last few days was that the body needs variety. Doing the same thing - the same exercise over and over, the body adapts, and the results slow down. So, doing different things actually stimulates the body to be more "supercharged" in this process of sculpting and creating the body I truly desire!! 

My "home workout" this morning felt really good, and I feel so encouraged with how I am feeling and how my body is changing.  I will mention one more thing that is beginning to form within my mind, and that is of integration of another aspect at this time. I have felt for a long time that there is a better way to accomplish my physical goals. We are leaving the "old ways" behind as we move into this New Earth Energy, and where we are creating a whole new way of living and being as ascended beings of Light. Until we are firmly established in this new space, we are basically in transition - in between worlds, so to speak.

In leaving the old behind, which is not as easy as it sounds, we are learning new ways of achieving our goals - new ways of creating and living. So, I had some thoughts along those lines, and will be working on them over the next period of time until they come into form. I have a feeling I'm in for some more fun adventures in discovering new ways of living and being in this new energy. 

So, that's all for now - until next time be in Peace and Enjoy Each Moment in Light Love and Blessings, and expect Miracles, 

Betty (aka: A. Leandra Star Child)

Saturday, January 3, 2015


I thought this was appropriate to illustrate a "New Day - and Year Arising"!! Today I took down my little Christmas tree, and decorations. So, here we are in a whole new year full of possibilities!!

I quit doing resolutions for a new year quite some time ago. Mainly because the resolution would soon fizzle out about a week or so into the new year. So, what's the purpose then, to do them year after year only to quit soon after the resolution is made?

What I started doing instead was making a list of things I would like to accomplish during the year, and not looking at this list till the end of the year, and then see if I actually accomplished things on my list. This proved to be a whole lot more productive than resolutions each year. Also, what I do on New Year's Eve is take little slips of paper and write down the things I am choosing to release - and not take with me into the new year. Then in a little ceremony I light a fire, and state out loud each one, then throw the slip of paper in the fire. In this way I release all the things I do not want to take into the new year with me.

This year I actually had a fire pit, and wood to burn in the pit. Years past a tin can would suffice outside my door when I lived in Tonopah in a little studio apartment. Although it was 34 F outside this New Year's Eve, I lit my fire - and even roasted some marshmallows and I did my little ceremony with the slips of paper and it felt really good!! I also make intentions for the new year, and I had already, prior to lighting the fire, written my list of accomplishments for the coming year. I reviewed the previous year, and realized that I had indeed accomplished so much during the previous year. This was such a good feeling of accomplishment.

Being a typical "Aries" (Sun Sign) by nature, I'm good at starting things - coming up with all sorts of new ideas, yet not so good at following through and completing things!! I am proud of the fact that this New Year's Eve marked the beginning of the 4th year of walking away from gambling in casino's which was something like a 15 year addiction that I allowed to take hold of me, and had the devil of a time letting it go. I can honestly say I have no desire whatsoever to resume this activity, and while there are places to do that here in the area I live in, the desire is just not there - and this is such a good feeling!!

Another thing I am proud of is my current exercise program. I made the choice last September - near the end of the month, to start an exercise program with Planet Fitness, and I am within a week of beginning my 4th month of this plan. I started out the first 4 week phase (you work out a plan with their trainer in 4 week segments) going 5 days a week - with both cardio exercises and weight training. Then I switched to a 4 day a week plan for the next 4 week phase, and have kept this plan as it works really good for me. Each subsequent 4 week phase the trainer increases the repetitions with weight training, and adds some different exercises. The plan hits every part of my body, and I am now seeing results which feel really good.

I made a year commitment to this plan, and hope to achieve my goal weight by this coming September. The main goal, however is to be fit, and I would like to ultimately run a marathon at some point. My first smaller goal, however is to walk a 5k, then run one, and keep increasing over time till I reach the full marathon. This may take more than a year, and that's okay. I just wanted to be more active and engage in some other active things that I have not been able to do with the extra weight and being more sedentary over the years.

In relation to my ascension process, I am making really good progress. I decided on a new "mantra" for this new year:


This actually came about in an interesting way. I was at Planet Fitness one day last week, on the treadmill, and in looking around at some of the other people there, this feeling came over me and I felt for the first time in my life how much I appreciated WHO I AM!! I mean, yes I have "intellectually" stated that I'm glad to be me, and I have been working on really loving myself, however on this day I actually felt it - how good it was to be me, and that I truly loved myself!!!! What an awesome feeling it was. That is when I came up with my new mantra!!

The "Free" part has to do with all that I am now - the abilities I have - and the perspective,  that I have the ability to create whatever I choose, and having opened to my spiritual path many years ago, along the way I have slowly regained the "Real Me". So many have not even realized that they are so much more than their physical bodies, nor do they have the tools to truly create the life they desire, and many do not even realize that they can have it all by changing how they think - what they believe - and that the Law of Attraction is very real - in that what you put out through your thoughts, feelings, and belief's is what you experience in your life - what you create!!!

With these realizations on that day, on the treadmill, I truly embraced who I am, and I was indeed awed by it all!! So, since then I have been focusing more than ever on letting go of all the fragments of doubt, worry, fear, and other lower vibrational thoughts/feeling that surface. I've done the work of letting go of the past, and all that I brought forward into this life to resolve. This was the work of the last 30+ years since opening to my spiritual path. Now with this acceptance, and this feeling of truly loving who I am, I can go forward and indeed create the life I truly desire.

I had another realization along with this, and it has to do with timelines. In some ways, for me it's new information - or something I may have known before coming into this life - and as such something I am recalling - or something I'm in process of regaining. I'm not sure of the particular aspects of how I came to this realization. I just know it's something I am moving toward - working on at this time, and as such it's really exciting. I may decide at some point to share more about this. For now, it feels like it's something I need to focus on and keep mostly to myself. I will say that I know from the Law of Attraction, that by focusing on this, and trusting in my own process, it will be created in my current reality, which indeed I am creating every moment.

More to come as I move along my path. I wish you all a wonderful 2015. The possibilities are infinite, and by making the shift in your mind and perspective, letting go of all that no longer serves, you can indeed create the life and reality you truly desire. Have fun creating in 2015.

Until next time, Blessings, Love and Light,

Betty (aka: A. Leandra Star Child)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Moving Through this Time

This is my favorite Spiral Galaxy picture, and while I have used it before, I find that it so resonates with me and where I am energetically at this time.

As I reflect on this last year of 2014, I have to admit that it's been one of the most challenging years I have experienced since becoming aware of my spiritual path. The last several months have been the most difficult, yet today I feel like I have managed to move through all the challenges that have surfaced through releasing all that no longer serves.

Letting go of the old world in order to embrace the new has been a lot more difficult in some instances than I imagined it would be. I am still being challenged daily with parts of the old world that I am still clinging to. Some of which are so subtle that I have skipped right over them,  and this just plain "boggles my mind" at how pervasive the old matrix template has been - and in some instances, still is. Yet I am determined to let it all go - to totally detach from the old 3d world of duality, in order to move more firmly into the reality of The New Earth.

I have to constantly remind myself that this is a personal journey based on personal choices, yet at the same time I have chosen to be part of the "collective" who have chosen to ascend with Earth at this most unique time in our evolution as a humanity - that of integrating our Physical Body, with our Higher Self/Soul, and Light Body. To live upon The New Earth, within the Higher Dimensional Realms in our integrated body as a fully ascended being of Light. This has never been accomplished before within creation, and we are doing it at this time!!

I'm personally finding it rather challenging to balance my choice of being part of the "collective" and my own personal choices and path, in addition to dealing with all that is involved in moving out of the old world, and learning how to navigate in the new reality. It all seems to boil down to relationships, choices, focus, desire, and managing energy. Then of course you have all the drama's and chaos of the ones who really do not comprehend what is happening in our world. It's essential to learn how to manage our energy levels in order to tune out - stay out of - not be drawn into these drama's and situations.

One of my original purposes was to help wake people up to what is going on in the world, and to help them comprehend the ascension process. I served in this capacity for quite a number of years, until I realized that this part of my purpose was over. As time progressed many other Light-workers came to the same conclusion, and shifted their focus to their own personal ascension process, along with sharing with others who were awake and aware how they were progressing through this phase of their ascension.

I think one of the most difficult parts of this process, at least for me,  has been realizing that "Light-workers", and in fact all beings on the planet are essentially on many different levels - and the key is acceptance of where others are - letting go of judgments - and making choices based on what most resonates with our heart. The idea that there is only one way to go through this process - or following others because of the perception that they are more advanced only leads us down a path of experiences that most likely ends in feelings betrayal when things do not work out for us as they seemingly did for the ones we chose to follow. Through many trials and errors, so to speak, I have learned to consider what others were suggesting - proposing - theorizing - based on their perceptions and experiences, then take what resonates and leave the rest - and in the process honor where they were without judgment.

I feel this is all part of the process of a realization that we, each one of us, are divine beings in our own right, and in addition to accomplishing something that has never been done within creation, we are also slowly remembering who we truly are - "Multidimensional Beings of Light" who chose to descend into physical bodies and experience the lower vibrational levels of creation on Earth which was considered to be a grand experiment. 

It's been a wild ride so far, and it's not over yet. In fact, I don't think it ever ends, as we are in essence "Co-Creators, with Source" and in this sense, always creating - learning -  evolving. What I have expressed in this blog entry is where I am in my own personal process and thinking. I feel I am making progress, and I'm facing my challenges as they surface. I honestly feel that the worst part of this process is behind me. I cannot speak for others - that is up to each of you as you move through this time.

I sense that once we pass into 2015, it's like we are on the downside of this journey, and as such things will ease up as we move forward. The key is totally letting go of the past - staying in the now moment - finding gratitude for what we have and what we have achieved, and remembering to send healing and love to all, and to our planet as we co-create The New Earth together.

Until next time, Blessings, Love and Light,

Betty (aka: A. Leandra Star Child)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Message From The Higher Dimensional Realms

This is a picture of Arcturus, which I thought would be appropriate to include in this post as I am sharing a message from The Higher Dimensional Realms that I received recently.

The message I'm sharing is from a Star Being I regularly communicate with, and have for a number of years. He will remain unnamed in this post as I feel that names are really irrelevant, and it's the message that is more important.

This message came through within a conversation I was having with this being, and we were discussing the old 3d world of duality, and the New Earth that we are currently moving into as we move through the ascension process. There is so much to learn now about this new reality, and what is happening as we move out of the old one.

There are many ideas - theories out there that deal with how and why Earth was created. What this being shared with me is a little different than others I have read over time, although the basic idea is quite similar. So, as I always suggest with these types of messages, take what resonates and leave the rest.

One other thing I would like to say before I share the message, is that when I wrote the last post stating that I would be sharing "Messages Beyond The Veil", it was the result of reading this book about a woman who is a psychic medium, and her story about her path to understanding and using this ability to help others. Since I also have this ability, I thought it might be a good idea to share messages from those who have passed about their experiences from the other side. So that was my original intent.

However subsequently, I've had other thoughts about this, and that is why I have not yet shared any such messages. I feel that perhaps it's more helpful at this time to share ones dealing with our ascension process, and as I feel led to do so, I will share others from those who have passed. So, here is the message I received. Again, take what resonates, and leave the rest.

Message From The Higher Dimensional Realms

"Let me say it in another way. Within your reality of the duality world you have been living in during this life, you are presented with opposites as a way to comprehend contrast. You previously lived within the Higher Dimensional Realms where there was total peace, love, joy, and as a co-creator with Source, you had total freedom to create all you desired.

Earth was a grand experiment. It started out giving those who chose to participate the opportunity to experience contrast - opposites - duality - the idea being that how could you appreciate all the aspects of our realms without experiencing the opposites of all we had.

At first it was more like a game to discover the opposites, and we expanded our consciousness to incorporate these aspects of contrast. Some decided that the earliest part of this grand experiment was enough and they returned to the higher realms with somewhat of an expanded experience, and this helped them create other wonderful worlds where what I will call, “mild contrasts” existed.

Some others however chose to expand the polarity of contrasts, and the majority living on Earth at that time followed along with this, and over what you experience as time - a very long time, this polarity became even more expanded, and more and more souls were having too much fun experimenting with the denser vibrations of the duality experience, and with more souls within this level of the polarity, there was a schism that occurred - a seeming disconnect from the ultimate source of all energies - Source Creator.

One aspect that Source Creator gave to all souls was Free Will - the right to choose what they desired to experience within all of creation. Yet, at the same time, this right to choose did not include enslaving other souls against their will. Somewhere along the way, the souls who were living and playing in the darker regions of creation learned how to capture other souls and the darkness grew to the point of affecting other realms and other creations, so Source Creator cordoned off the darker realms and this included Earth which had descended to a very dark level.

This ensued eons of time within the darkness until souls began to realize what they had done, and sought to return to the opposite of what they were at that time experiencing. For, you see, even within the darkest regions of creation, within each soul remains a spark of Source Creator, and if that spark ignites it begins to grow and move back to Light. This spark cannot be extinguished. It might be dimmed to such a degree that it is not apparent within an individual soul, however like energy, it cannot be destroyed. Many believe otherwise, but this is not so. This spark of Source Creator is eternal.

One very important aspect was learned from this grand experiment with Earth. This was that living in a world that contained opposites - or duality - one could advance in a much faster way by choosing a life, or many lives on Earth, or on other worlds where this contrast was present. However, Earth was considered to be the one place where the potential was the greatest.

Another important aspect in this experiment, is Earth herself in that she is a sentient being, as are all souls within creation. She chose to fall into the polarity of denseness to the point of seemingly losing her connection to Source Creator, yet the spark of Source Creator within her being was ignited at some point and she, making this choice,  began her journey back to Light, along with those souls who were also choosing to return to Light. 

 Know that all souls eventually return to Light. None are lost. All are loved by Source Creator. All are given Free Will to choose their own realities and paths. In this sense there is in reality no "right or wrong". There are only choices and the results of choices. All is energy that functions within a vibrational level. This is true throughout creation. Because of this creation includes many realities, within many dimensional levels - all there to experience - with an infinite potential to create more as souls grow and evolve. 

The grand experiment of Earth is now moving through "new territory" with her ascension along with those choosing to move with her, into a new reality, that of the New Earth which includes her physical body that is being integrated with her Light Body. This indeed is also happening with all souls on Earth at this time who have also chosen this path. Since this is very new, and something that has never happened, all of creation is observing this with excitement as what happens on Earth will have an effect to all of creation as "The All" moves up in vibrational frequency."


 So, stay tuned, there will be more to come, whether it's another message from The Higher Dimensional Beings or from those who have crossed over through the death process. I communicate almost daily with this Star Being and others who present with things to share and say. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, and please use the comment section to make comments. I do appreciate all comments and input. 

In the meantime Blessings, Love and Light,

Betty (aka: A. Leandra Star Child)