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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This is one of my favorite pictures of a Spiral Galaxy from the Hubble Telescope Website.

I have been very remiss in posting over the last year.  Within this last year there have been many changes in my life going on, some of which have involved healing from three different injuries due to being way to enthusiastic with my exercising regime. In addition I have changed my living situation three times, which included a month and a half camping adventure in between the two moves. Thankfully, I have finally found a really nice place to live back in Yuma, AZ. I've left rhis place two times, so this time I simply realized I still had things to complete here. So, here I am, and honestly I love this place, and especially the desert where I feel most at home.

With my Ascension process there is so much to be writing about however what has become another obstacle to posting was first my desktop computer going down, followed soon after by my laptop going the same route!! So now I'm using my iPad Mini, and I have an iPhone and an older Dell Mini that will be my last devices to keep me on the Internet. The iPad is really amazing, and I'm very grateful to have it, however it's harder to use when posting like this. The iPhone and Dell Mini are even harder doing long posts. I simply do so much better with a normal computer keyboard.

Fortunately, my son fixed my desktop computer and hopefully will be bringing it back this coming weekend. He will pick up the laptop to see if it's fixable, and if not, well it was old and used when I got it a couple of years ago, so I'm grateful for the time it gave me. I do love all my devices and feel lost without them.

Once I have my desktop back up and running, I will be posting a lot more. As an update, my healing process is coming along nicely, and I've learned that I don't have to push myself so hard with exercising like I was doing. I now have access to a swimming pool, hot tub, small gym here in the RV  park I'm living in, and I have a bicycle with lots of nice places to ride. In addition I have plenty of space in my Park Model to use my Qigong and Yoga videos, and when it cools down enough there are areas between Yuma and Quartzsite to do some nugget hunting.

So, my next post when I get my desktop computer back, I'll be sharing some really interesting messages from spirit, and some other fascinating happenings with Star Beings from the Cassiopeia Constellation a new friend I have here brought to my attention in our night sky. Pretty amazing and fun!! Until next time, be safe, and remember to find gratitude every day for all that is positive and good in your life. Blessings, Love and Light,
Betty (aka: Athena Leandra Star Child)

Sunday, June 4, 2017


This is a picture of my campsite at Lake Mead Recreational Area - Boulder Campground. I love Lake Mead, and the campgrounds here are nice, however I think this one is the best. The vehicle in the picture is my GMC Yukon, that I named "Big Red".

When I started this camping adventure I had two major goals in mind: One was to save money to either buy a small motorhome, or to find a nice place to rent so that I could be more stabilized in my own place, and then save for my ultimate dream of owning my own land and building my dream home. The other major goal was moving ahead on my spiritual path.

My spiritual path, and how this trip is helping me attain my goal of moving ahead is the main theme of this blog.

This blog was started to write about my spiritual journey, and to write about the camping trip I took in 2010. So, what I talk about in this current blog is a continuation of where I am spiritually, and what is ahead of me in terms of moving toward.

I don't expect family, friends, or even strangers who read this blog to agree or even understand what I am choosing in my life, and why my spiritual path is so important to me. Nor do I expect that they understand how Ascension is key to the whole process I'm going through at this time.

Ascension in it's simplest form is moving in an upward direction. Planes ascend when they take off. They descend when they land. What it means to me, and to millions of others who are also on this path with awareness, is to move upward in vibrational frequency, and leave the 3rd dimensional world, and to reach the 5th dimensional frequency level, of what we now comprehend as New Earth. I say New Earth because our current Earth is on a path of Ascension, and will take all of us who are ready vibrationally to live in a 5th dimensional and higher level. Those who are not ready vibrationally will continue life as usual within the 3rd dimensional reality on an alternate Earth. There is no judgment here. It is purely by choice in terms of where one will end up when what I know as the "splitting of the realities" occurs. Some are calling it the "Event", and others may think of it in religious terms as the Rapture, or end of days.

Basically, you don't have to believe a word I have said about this. That is your choice. If you are even remotely curious, you can go read people like David Wilcock, or read posts from websites like: or The Rainbow Scribe. Or just google it and see what comes up. I will say there are lots of people out there pretending to be spiritual with lots of disinformation to confuse and stir things up. In fact it's a veritable minefield out there. You can also read back through my blog posts to get a better understanding of this.

So, believe it or not, this is who I am, and this is my ultimate goal - to ascend - with my physical body - and live in Higher Dimensional Realms of New Earth.

Like it or not Earth is moving higher in vibrational frequency. The higher she goes, the more difficult it gets for anyone still hanging on to old issues - a lot of negative emotions -  things like anger - depression - hate - addictive behaviors that are harming the body - unresolved issues from the past - dysfunctional relationships - and anything that is of a negative nature that keeps the vibration low. So, the key is to be working on facing and releasing all the old stuff, unless you would rather live status quo. If this is your choice then one day you will wake up and find yourself as you normally are, and I doubt if you will have any feeling that things have changed. Those of us who have chosen to live in a higher vibrational level will no longer be there. I do not know if those who are not ascending will even recall those of us who have gone.

Each soul who incarnates on Earth comes for a reason they determined before coming in through birth, or by other means. Their path is solely their own. Third dimensional Earth was designated as a Free Will Zone. Each soul who comes here has to tread this path and learn what they came to learn - or not. If they don't learn what they came to learn, or if they came to resolve previous lives where there were unresolved issues, and don't resolve them, then they die in some manner and reincarnate over and over until they wake up at some point and choose to resolve all issues and follow the path of Light.

Despite all the stuff out there to the contrary, there is no one left behind. However, it's a function of free will and choice - of each individual soul. It is their path - it is their experiences that they desire - end of story. Therefore, there is no judgment, but what the individual judges for themselves. Meaning you are totally responsible for your choices and the consequences. If you cannot embrace that, then you will spin around and around this cycle of birth and death until one day the "light goes on" and you make different choices that will take you out of this ongoing cycle.

I really felt drawn to write all of this. Maybe for ones who are not aware yet. At any rate, since this blog post is about my spiritual path, then here it goes!!

I have worked for nearly 35 years on my spiritual path with awareness. The light went on for me in 19982/83. From that time to now it has been quite a journey. Again, a lot of this is in previous posts on this blog. This camping adventure has been a huge time of closure for me. Meaning each place I have camped resulted in some recognition of energies within me that needed to be released - that no longer served my higher purpose. Some of this had to do with family and old issues. Some of it had to do with repeating things - you know - how your repeat something over and over and hope for a different outcome? LOL!! Well, honestly I did not set out thinking about getting closure. I started out thinking I would be connecting at higher and higher vibrational levels and intuiting some really cool stuff that would help me advance on my path.

That has actually happened too, only what I did not expect was the closure thing. I now know that my upcoming trip to Ohio is another place of closure. Only, not in the way I may have previously thought. It's not that I will walk away and be done with anyone. It's that I will walk away from all the old stuff I've carried with me all these years about people and issues in my life. It's that I will see people I have known all my life with "new eyes", and in this way get to know "who they really are now in this present moment".

So, this is what has happened to date in relation to this camping adventure. I'm still dealing with this pain in my body. I now have a much clearer understanding of what it is about, and I know that it will pass, as I continue on this camping adventure. I know within the depths of my heart, that my body can totally heal, and that it is capable of youthing - reversing the aging process.

Above all of this, I am making a total commitment to always being my authentic self, no matter what anyone may think. I have my own knowings within me, and while I will always remain open to new ways of looking at things, any changes I make will be what I truly resonate with, and not as a way to be accepted by others, which has been such an ongoing pattern in this life. I no longer need to justify what I choose to believe, or how I choose to live my life, what clothes I choose, people I choose to associate with, or anything else about my life and lifestyle. I totally accept what others choose, without judgment. I may not understand, or even agree, but I honor their right to free will choice. If everyone on Earth could do this, we could all live peacefully in harmony on this beautiful planet. This is how life in the Higher Dimensional Realms will be like, and why I am choosing to ascend at this time.

That's all for this post. There's still a lot I'd like to share about my life - my connections to the spirit realms - and a lot of really cool stuff. Until next time, Blessings, Love and Light to all,

Betty (aka: Athena Leandra Star Child).

In order to achieve this goal, one must let go of all the baggage - old issues - face within and deal with what no longer serves, and what is of a lower vibrational energy.

Saturday, June 3, 2017


This is a pencil sketch of a free campsite I stayed at in Quartzite, AZ in May of 2017. The view was at the spot I camped and what I could see through my windshield. The campsite is called Hi Jolly, and is 3 miles outside of Quartzite, heading to Parker, AZ on US 95. I found it on this cool website: free The website lists campsites all over the US, and in addition lists ones that you pay to stay at them.

I decided to take another camping adventure, although this one was not like the one I took in 2010, which I wrote about on this blog. This adventure is about two different things. One has to do with saving money so I can buy a small motorhome and once again live in my own place. The second part has to do with my spiritual path, and working on releasing the past as I move through the Ascension process. I've written about Ascension in this blog, so if you are not familiar with what it is, then look back through my posts, and you will find information. You can also google it and get a a lot of information. A good website to read posts about Ascension is

In my first camping adventure, I learned a lot, made lots of choices that taught me what not to do if I ever camped again. So, for this camping adventure I made sure I was prepared, and I wanted to make sure sure it was a much more convenient and fun experience. So, I had saved money and I bought a custom made mattress for the back of my GMC Yukon. This was so much better than the air mattress I used in 2010 that would not hold air very well. My son located this awesome solar system called Goal Zero that was chained with two other deep cell batteries, and included a solar panel. It was built by this man who was on to his next project of building a larger system, and had decided to sell it to someone who would appreciate it. That "someone" became me, and I can tell you that I totally appreciate this system, and it has proven it's worth on this trip!! It easily powers all amy electronic devices, with ease, and I am so very grateful to this man and to my son for finding it on Craigslist for me!!

I also bought this 4 in 1 unit from Harbor Freight that is a jump start for the truck, and has a battery, and is an air compressor. A really cool unit. The little cigarette lighter unit I had in 2017 to inflate tires, went south smoking like mad -I had it for a long time though, so this new unit is ever so much better and is more versatile!! There were other purchases and I can tell you that what I purchased, even though I depleted my savings, has made this current adventure so much better and convenient than my 2010 adventure.

So, my adventure began on April 17, 2017. I had been staying with my son and family for about 9 months when this adventure began. My son was so very helpful in doing a lot that helped me get this adventure going. I am grateful for my daughter-in-law, Caryn for taking care of my aloe plants until I can retrieve them after this adventure. Also, I have a kitty I adopted that they are taking care of and I will retrieve her when I move into the next phase of my ascension process.

I have a few goals in mind with this adventure, and why I'm on it. One, like I said is my Ascension process. The other one is saving money so I can move into the next phase of this Ascension process - that of having my own place to live. So, I will either save enough money to buy a small motorhome, or have enough money to rent a new place to live. With the motorhome I will find a nice RV park somewhere so that I can have a home base.

From this point, if I feel like camping I will do so with my truck. My adventure with the travel trailer taught me that it's way too much work traveling around hauling it. A small motorhome would work much better, however, I really prefer camping with my Yukon - it's easier, and I just like it better. I have specifics that are required with this motorhome, and if I cannot find one that meets these specifics, then I will go the path of finding a place to rent for awhile until I save or manifest enough money to buy land, and then build the home of my dreams - which is my ultimate goal overall! The other goals that are important to me which ever direction I go, is to have enough space to get all my stuff out of storage, and to get my kitty Lara so she can be with me. With a small motorhome in an RV park I can get one of those cool storage sheds to have in my space, and that would be where I could store all my stuff in storage.

The biggest tasks are saving or manifesting enough money to achieve my goals, and in finding the perfect place to either find a nice RV park to put the motorhome, or rent a place to live until I have enough money to buy my land and create the home of my dreams. I know for certain the perfect place will be in a desert area, either in Arizona, Nevada, or New Mexico. I'm leaning toward Arizona, as this is the place that feels more like home to me than any other state in the US. Who knows maybe I will venture out of the US - I have actually thought about this, however ideally I'd love to manifest enough money to have properties in a few different places!!

I'm very grateful for my son and Caryn for allowing me to stay with them, and for all they did for me. I was able to help them too, and that felt good. It was a time of learning, growing and getting to know Caryn's side of our family. My storage space is close to them, and of course I will still visit them and spend time there as I run around and experience this current adventure.

On my last day in San Jacinto, and when I left my son's place I decided to stay the night at this Indian Gaming facility called Soboba Casino which is on the outskirts of San Jacinto. It was an interesting place and one I found on the free campsite website. I also had to stock up on food and water, which I did at the local Sprouts Farmer's Market, which I so loved!! It's kind of in between Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. I love Trader Joe's. Whole Foods is okay, but a lot more expensive. Once I discovered Sprouts I, the only thing I could not get there, that I could get at Trader Joe's was this shower gel called Tea Tree Tingle. It's a Trader Joe's label, so only sold there, although I did find it on under the Trader Joe's brand.

After this, my first official (to me) camping spot was at Lake Mead Recreational Area near Boulder, Nevada which is very close to Las Vegas, Nevada. I had stayed at the Boulder and Las Vegas campgrounds in 2010, and loved it there. I was very disappointed in finding that the lifetime Senior Pass to National Park campgrounds where I could stay for $5 a night and gone up in price to $10 a night. I had planned my budget based on the $5 a night, and this really became a huge challenge as I live on a fixed income. So, I stayed there for two weeks, and it was a really great experience as I got to get use to using the solar unit and find out how the new mattress worked out. So, in a sense, this was a trial run, and I chose to go there first as a way to ease myself back into camping. In addition, I had prepared myself while still at my son's place to start a raw food diet. I did a 10 day juice fast to detox my body, then a week before I left my son's in San Jacinto, CA I started the raw food diet, which I had modified to be mostly raw foods.

I will share one really funny (not at the time) thing that happened while at the Lake Mead campground area. I would occasionally go into Boulder City which was about 4 miles away after you got off the campground. I had an older water container I wanted to fill up. It had been stored in my son's garage for a few years. He told me he had used it a few times and there were no leaks. It would hold 7 gallons of water. So, I went into Boulder City to the a grocery store where I filled it at the water machine they had. Well, as I was moving it to my truck in a shopping cart, I saw water leaking out of it, and upon a closer look it was leaking in several places!! I panicked at that point. I had nothing with me to put the water in. I finally figured out where the 99cent store was and ran in there - while I knew that the container in the back of my truck was leaking! I could not find anything big enough and this put me in an even bigger panic!! Until I thought about those white tall garbage cans you can buy, and fortunately they had them at this store. I got two of them and hurried out to my truck.

What was funny (afterwards) was the people coming buy looking at what was going on - some laughing!! I had opened the very back of my truck to put the original container in the truck. So, I was tipping this container and water was pouring into the white containers. I filled both about half to three quarters of the way full, and then I had to figure out a way to cover the garbage cans, which I did with this big towel. Then the fun was getting back to the campground without the water sloshing out when I'd turn a curve, etc. I got back safely and most of the water was saved - only a little had sloshed out. Also, the leaks in the original container were toward the top - not the bottom. So, most likely my son had not filled them full LOL!! I managed with those two garbage cans with the water until I found a Walmart in Las Vegas and bought a new water container, which also carries 7 gallons, and I tossed the old container. I can laugh about this now - was not much fun when it was happening!!

After my two weeks at Boulder Campground,  I decided to check out this area I use to hunt gold in called Gold Basin, which is in between Dolan Springs, AZ and Meadview, AZ, and not that far from where I was camping at the Boulder Campground. I was hoping to find a spot to camp "off grid" and hunt gold, as in the past I had found a lot of gold nuggets in this area. Plus at one time I had owned 40 acres out there. It's a place I loved. I had gone there one time maybe 7 years ago to see if I could locate the land I had owned at one time, but the area had been altered quite a bit and I had been unable to locate the land as there were so many more roads that had been created with more and more people moving into the area. So, I hoped this time I could actually locate the land. Unfortunately, this did not happen. I spent the whole day driving around and it was even more altered than before. It was so sad, and after leaving I went to this free campground called Temple Bar not far away, and close to where you go into Nevada. I stayed the night in this campsite, which was actually quite lovely with all these awesome blooming bushes. I realized that this trip to Gold Basin was in essence a time of closure with this area. So, I did the energetic work of letting it go.

My next stop was Arizon Charlies Casino and Resort in Las Vegas,  to stay the night and get a break from camping. I don't gamble in casino's anymore, now for over 5 years when I walked away from this activity of playing slots, which had turned into an addiction!! It was great to get a real shower, and sleep in a real bed for a change. I found a Sprouts Farmer's Market in the area and stocked up on more of my raw foods, and water. Then I headed out for the next place, which ended up being Quartzite, AZ. In Quartzite I found this free campsite called Hi Jolly - the one where I drew the pencil sketch I posted at the beginning of this blog. I stayed here until it was time to head to Yuma for a Mother's day lunch with my sister, her daughter, granddaughter, and a friend who is part of our family now.

In Yuma I stayed at this free campsite behind the VFW on US 95 about 3 miles out of Yuma going to Quartzite. At this point in my camping adventure I realized that I had brought way too much stuff with me, and it was becoming way too much work taking stuff out of the truck to clear my sleeping area each place I stayed, and packing it back in the truck when I would leave, or go into town for whatever reason. So, after our really awesome lunch on Mother's Day I decided to stay over in Yuma at Motel 6 - another treat for myself - with a nice cool and quiet room and breakfast at Denny's the next morning.

I then headed back to San Jacinto to leave the things I didn't really need in my storage unit. Also at this point I was trying to figure out how to arrange things so I would not be too far from my son's as I had a trip to Ohio planned to attend a family reunion there, and I was going to leave my truck at my son's and he would take me to the airport in Ontario, CA, and pick me up after I flew back. This way, I didn't have to worry about things being stolen out of my truck at the airport. What I was most concerned about was my solar unit, metal detector and mattress, which were items I had spent a lot of money (for me) on.

Well, there were unforeseen circumstances that changed things to the point that I only stayed one night in San Jacinto at the free campsite at Soboba Casino once again. While the area is a huge parking lot, I have to say that the people here are very friendly and helpful. The first night you doh't have to sign in with security. If you plan to stay more than one night you have to register your vehicle with security. They have 24 hour surveillance, and lots of lights in the parking areas. Interestingly, many of the casino's allow overnight stays in their huge parking lots - for RV's or camping out of trucks. No tents are allowed. These, and all other free campsites are all listed on the website, with info on the site, directions, and then posts where people reviewed the site. One thing I have so enjoyed is reviewing each campsite. I love to write, so for me this is fun.

After this night I headed back to Quartzite, and right at the point where I could go either in the direction of Quartzite, or turn to go to Yuma, I chose to head to Yuma. So, now I am back staying at the free campsite behind the VFW, and enjoying my time here with my sister, family and my friend Shirley who has been my friend for a really long time.  I will stay here till it's time to head to Ontario, CA for my flight out to Ohio, and then I will be back here in Yuma to get things ready for my next destination.

I am relatively certain once I get back from Ohio, my next destination will be the higher elevations that are much cooler in the summer months. So, I will be heading to the Tonopah, Nevada area for a couple of months in and around this area. There are areas I would love to explore for possible gold nuggets, and the summer months are a good time to do this - especially early morning and late afternoons. Plus I have friends up in this area, and it will be fun visiting and catching up with them.

I will also share that I had this injury at the beginning of my stay in San Jacinto with Michael and Caryn, where I strained the Gluteus area overdoing the exercises for this area at Planet Fitness where I have a membership, and that it had  almost healed when I injured it again just before I left there. I had felt so much better so I thought it wouldn't hurt to use the machines with much lighter weight that were responsible for the first injury. Well, I was wrong, and on this camping adventure it has gotten a lot worse, and has been very challenging the whole time.

I've been managing okay, but it's no fun to be in pain when I walk around, and in certain positions when I sleep. Near the end of this current stay here in Yuma, I discovered some interesting things that relate to this, and will share it in a future post. I am certain I can heal this, and I'm learning from my experiences so far on this adventure, that this trip is becoming more about closure, as in each camping setting, so far, there was a closure aspect that surfaced.

That's all for now. I will be writing more posts about my camping adventure, and I have much to share about my Ascension Path process in my next post. It has been quite surprising and interesting. Plus, since it's been a lot of years since I traveled to Ohio, I am sure there will be lots to share about our family reunion on June 10th that's coming up pretty fast!!

Till next time, Love and Blessings to you all,

Betty (aka: Athena Leandra Star Child)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Changes

I love this picture of the Spiral Galaxy, which is why I often post it on my blog. It's been awhile since I posted a blog as there has been so much happening in my life over the last few months. In addition, I am still without a laptop, as my MacBook quit working - basically I spilled water on the table I had the laptop on and it shorted it out. I was not happy with myself as I know better than to put any liquid close to it!! Hopefully I will be able to replace it soon.

There are a number of changes and transitions happening in my life at this time. I recently made the decision to start looking for another place to live and figure out what to do with my travel trailer. It took awhile to finally decide that this trailer has served its purpose, and I truly need more space to live in. So this last week I secured a storage space and have been moving all my stuff out of the trailer and into storage. I have two friends who are going to take the trailer and help me sell it. So the travel trailer will soon be history.

I've located a potential place to rent, and once my friends take the trailer,  and move all my stuff into it. I only see this move as a temporary solution until I manifest the funds to actually purchase a home with acreage. I feel I am getting much closer to realizing/manifesting all that I have been envisioning for so long. I have sensed for sometime now that letting go of the travel trailer is key to manifesting my desires at this time. I learned so much on this adventure with the travel trailer, and it is now time to move in a much different direction.

The choice to make this next "leap of faith", I have to admit was difficult, and I've done a lot of procrastinating, with all sorts of justifications for why I was not making a decision. The thing is, leaps of faith are not only defined by taking actions alone. Taking a leap of faith requires at its root, to trust that all will work out for your higher good, and that what you desire may come to you in a way you are not expecting.

Interestingly this just happened to me. I've been saving money for two purposes, and what I've saved to date I was hoping would take care of both purposes. However it was looking like this would not happen, as rents for finding a decent place to live is a lot higher than they use to be. I had found a
place I really liked, but getting it would mean I could not replace my laptop, and would have to wait. It's just that with the higher rate for renting, my budget was going to be a lot tighter and saving for a laptop would take a really long time!!

Well, this morning seemingly out of the blue, my son called me with a really good deal he found on a laptop. Since I want one from Apple computers, they are more expensive, even the used ones. Well this one was at a price that I could afford without touching my savings, which still allows me to get an apartment, and have a replacement laptop like I was hoping to accomplish!! This came to me in a way I didn't expect, yet it's what I desired. Even though it had been looking like that I would have to wait on getting the laptop because I really need to get an apartment at this time, and let go of the travel trailer, I trusted that it would all work out for my highest good, and what I was desiring would come to me, and now it is.

I still need to secure another place to live, although I have a few good prospect, including the one place I really liked, and know I will find the place that is for my highest good at this time.

So, that's all for this time. Stay tuned for what is to come next. In the meantime, Blessings, Love, and Light,

Betty (aka: A. Leandra Star Child)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Little Personal Everyday Sharing

Aloe Vera At My Place

I thought I would share a picture of two Aloe Vera Plants I have been growing, and recently split into 7 potted plants, two of which I gave to my sister. I love these plants, and use them sometimes for cuts and burns as they have wonderful medicinal properties.

I am currently living in my 24ft travel trailer in a rented lot in Yuma, AZ. I have been here for almost a year now, and love being back in Yuma where my sister also lives. It's so wonderful to have family close for a change. My niece, and great niece also live in Yuma, so we have many fun times together.

My sister and I are sharing a fitness journey. It actually started last June when I moved here. She lives in an RV Park that has a wonderful swimming pool and hot tub. We started swimming, and did so all summer and into October when it finally turned cooler. Our swimming sessions consisted of laps in the pool, and different pool exercises, which would last for an hour, then we would spend about 15 minutes in the hot tub.

Near the end of September we both joined Planet Fitness and began another "leg" of our fitness journey. I chose to access the free personal training they offered and was helped in developing a cardio and weight training program, which I have followed since then. My sister was more interested in cardio - via the treadmill - and focus on endurance and burning calories. We both modified our eating habits.

So, most of the winter months were spent working out at Planet Fitness. I did well until February, when I began changing my program. I quit using the treadmill or other cardio machines as it seemed to bother my right knee. During February, March and into April I slowed down considerable in my workouts at Planet Fitness, and my sister decided to discontinue her membership in April, as she was doing a lot of walking, and we began once again our swimming sessions when the temperature were warm enough for us. My sister feels that for her swimming,  walking and modifying what she eats, works best for her and the proof is the weight she has already taken off with what she has focused on since last June. She has a weight goal in mind, and also the goal of making some form of exercise - body movement a normal part of each day.

I modified my weight training, and began doing Yoga at Planet Fitness last week, and my sister and I are now swimming at least 4 times a week. With swimming I get a "double dose" of exercise as I've been going to Planet Fitness about 5 times during a week, and plan to continue this although I listen to my body, and sometimes I simply need a rest day from the more intense days of both swimming and Planet Fitness.

Another new development in our fitness journey has to do with this very interesting device called Flex Fitbit. My sister first started using one about 2 months ago to track how many calories per day she was burning. I watched her progress with this and made the decision to also acquire one, which I did last Wednesday. I am finding it to be a wonderful tool that not only tracks the calories I burn from activities, exercise, food consumption, and sleep patterns, etc., it also works as a motivator to get me out there and moving my body each day - whether this is swimming, Planet Fitness, Yoga, or just walking around stores and at home.  I am loving it!! It is wireless - there is a free software download that you can use on home computers, laptops, cell phones, notebooks, tablets, and more. With the software it syncs with these devices to provide an ongoing use of this tool as you move through your day. It's way more than those devices that tell you how many steps you take during your day.

So, now I have a really good way to track my progress on this fitness journey I'm on with my sister. I have set a weight goal, and hope to reach this by the end of the year, or maybe even before!! The main thing with this that I want to stress, is that I am not putting myself in this strict "box". While I love using this new device, and I'm committed to making exercise a normal part of each day, I am listening closely to my body, and will modify as I move through this journey. This includes what I am choosing each day to ear as well as how I choose to move my body. Some days I simply need to rest my body, and chill at home with my computer - reading - or whatever!! It truly is a journey, and not a destination!!

Yes, I do have a weight goal, and a goal to make exercise in some form a normal part of each day, and a goal to eat healthy, however, how I choose to do this each day will vary, including the actual end goals which I may end up modifying in some way. I am just going with the flow if it all and listening carefully to my body as I move through this journey, which by the way includes having fun and enjoying the ride!!!

In addition, I feel so blessed that I also have my spiritual entourage cheering me on as I take this fitness journey. It's wonderful to have so much support, and wonderful tools to assist me with this, and with all other aspects of my life and spiritual path. I have to say, that even with all the chaos in the world that is going on at this time, I am happy to be alive and I love my life!!

Until next time, Blessings, Love and Light,

Betty (aka: A.Leandra.Starchild)

Sunday, March 22, 2015



I think one of my most favorite pictures is this spiral galaxy. I've most likely posted it before, however it resonates with me this morning as I contemplated posting a blog for March.

We just passed through a total solar eclipse and the Spring Equinox on the 20th. The energies have been quite intense, to say the least!! Time is still speeding up, and while I am so aware of how fast things are moving, I find myself in what I call a "pause", which is like standing still - taking deep breaths - and contemplating what has been transpiring, and where this all is heading at this time.

One interesting experience I had during the day of the 20th of March was a message from a group of beings calling themselves the "Stellar's"(pronounced: 'stay lars'). To preface this I had been wondering if my actions during the last few weeks was a way of dissociating from my path - or if I was indeed still on my true path of ascension. This message confirmed that what I was choosing to do was in fact very much in line with my ascension path, and that I was in essence picking up needed pieces of my "puzzle". My "puzzle" being my soul path and purpose in being here at this time.

They told me that while I may not comprehend this entirely at this point, that as I continued to move through this phase of my ascension, it would be revealed to me. So, it was important for me to relax, and continue to follow my inner voice - urges - and trust my process. And, of course remain in the present moment.

It has been emphasized a number of times lately that I still allow the perceptions of others to influence me. This has been an ongoing issue, and I thought I had finally resolved it, only to realize that in subtle ways I was still engaged in allowing it to happen. This is part of the old programming I recognized a long time ago and have been working on ever since. It's like there have been layer after layer of this - slowly peeling away each layer - and I have to wonder how many more layers there are left to reveal and let go of. However, I think the key here is to let it all go - the wondering - the speculations - just roll with the waves as they come and continue to let go of anything that surfaces that is not for my highest good.

I continue to find gratitude each day for where I am on my path, and for all I have, even though to others it may not seem like I do not have that much - in terms of material things. What is more important is what I feel inside my being - who I am - as true happiness and peace lies within.

Dreams have been very interesting over the last few weeks, and continue to reveal to me what I am processing as I move through this time. They definitely show me that I am breaking free from the old 3d world and programming that has had me so anchored in it. I continue to make the intention to leave the old world behind and embrace the new reality I am now aware of and anchoring myself into.

One other aspect I would like to speak of at this point is my connection to the beings I have regularly communicated with over the years while awake and aware on my spiritual journey, and how my communications have changed over this time. I feel another change happening at this time as well, and while I am not entirely comprehending how this will express, I feel confident that I simply need to let it "play out" and trust without expectations of the "How", and "When" of this change.

These beings are always with me - I sense them - know they are there - and that all I have to do is open communication with them - much like we talk with others in physical body here on Earth. I communicate telepathically - they are just a "thought away" from me. I think one day we, who are here in our ascended physical bodies, will also communicate in this way, without the need for telephones - or physical devices.

Perhaps, that has been a main function of learning how to connect with non physical beings - to show us that we can learn to communicate this way without physical devices. Interesting thought I just had this very moment!!!

Well, with that, I will say bye for now. Until next time, Blessings, Love and Light,

Betty (aka: A. Leandra Star Child)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Progress in Physicality


Being back in Arizona has been really great. I loved living in Nevada, except for the cold winter months. The summer months in Central Nevada are awesome. The winter months in Arizona are also awesome, as are the hot summer months. What I love most about summer in Yuma, Arizona is how warm it is in the middle of the night. It's still hot, but not as intense as it is during the daylight hours when the sun is blazing down!! 

I've been on a fitness journey since last July when I started swimming with my sister at the pool where she lives. Then in September I joined Planet Fitness, and I am currently in the 4th month of my  exercise program. My program is a 4 day a week one that works all parts of my body between the cardio part, and weight training. 

My body is changing, and I am getting stronger and the excess weight is leaving. It's not a fast process, however I tend to think that doing it in a slower manner will result in creating good habits and lasting results. One of my goals is to make exercise, in some form a natural part of each day. I made a one year commitment to Planet Fitness, which I will honor. After this I will either continue a membership with them, or have created my home space to accommodate my goal of exercising every day. 

In fact, in working on accommodating my goal at home, which right now is a travel trailer, I decided to put up my big tent and create a space to workout in. One problem, however is the wind we get here at times, which essentially mostly blew down my tent last week, so I came up with a strategy to make it more secure. We have not had any "wild wind" since I came up with this strategy so I will see how it fares when this happens. If my strategy works, then I will be setting up this space to workout in between the days I go to Planet Fitness, which will include Yoga and exercises with my free weights and balance ball. 

Recently I found a Yoga class that offered this basic Yoga class every day at noon, which I felt would fit right in with my Planet Fitness schedule. Unfortunately, after the first class, which I actually enjoyed, I found out I had looked at a schedule that was no longer in effect, and the class I wanted was only offered twice a week. So, I chose to not continue taking the class. I learned, however, in that one class that I could do all the postures that the instructor presented, and that I had been doing them correctly. So, I feel what I got from this one class was quite valuable. 

I feel that Yoga and the exercises I do with my program at Planet Fitness are very complimentary, and will help me sculpt the body I truly desire. So, during the next months as I fine tune what I will be doing at home in between my workouts at Planet Fitness,  I have a feeling I will see even better results than I have experienced to date. In addition this his will indeed strengthen my goal to be doing some sort of exercise everyday. 

Focusing on physical fitness quite naturally compliments my ascension process as ascension is an integration of body, mind and spirit. Integration in the sense of merging with the Higher Dimensional Realms, my Higher Self, my Light Body, along with my Physical Body which also includes other bodies - mental, emotional, etheric, causal, and any unknown ones that will be revealed as I move through this process. This makes up my true "Multidimensional Self" - as an Ascended Being of Light. 

It has definitely been an interesting journey these last several months, and moving into 2015. As we passed into 2015, for me it felt like a whole new beginning - more so than any other time of passing from one year to the next. The energy felt very different, and initially there was this feeling of being in a space of "pause" - a quietness or calmness. Then as I moved on into January I experienced some "bumps", and lots of ascension symptoms as my body continued to change with not only my exercise program, but also as a result of the shifting energies of the ascension process. 

As I progressed toward the middle of January I started missing my workout days. One thing I was learning was to listen to my body, and honor what I was sensing/feeling. Mostly I felt like resting, and as a result I missed a lot of days between the middle and end of January, to the point where I actually considered giving up my membership at Planet Fitness. In addition an old pattern of allowing myself to be influenced by the opinions of others surfaced again. 

So, I struggled for a time with this, and it really helped me realize that I still carried energies within me that needed to be released, which I have been working on over the last few weeks. As February presented, more and more realizations came to me, and today I feel a whole new energy emerging within me. It feels good. It also reinforces how important it is to stay in the moment - letting go of looking back, or forward. Being in the moment and staying aware - listening to my body - making choices based on what I truly feel within my own being - this I know at a deep level is the way to live in this new energy. 

Today is an off day from my Planet Fitness workout, and when I woke up I felt this desire to move my body, so I did just that. In doing this I came up with my "home routine", which will vary as one thing I realized over the last few days was that the body needs variety. Doing the same thing - the same exercise over and over, the body adapts, and the results slow down. So, doing different things actually stimulates the body to be more "supercharged" in this process of sculpting and creating the body I truly desire!! 

My "home workout" this morning felt really good, and I feel so encouraged with how I am feeling and how my body is changing.  I will mention one more thing that is beginning to form within my mind, and that is of integration of another aspect at this time. I have felt for a long time that there is a better way to accomplish my physical goals. We are leaving the "old ways" behind as we move into this New Earth Energy, and where we are creating a whole new way of living and being as ascended beings of Light. Until we are firmly established in this new space, we are basically in transition - in between worlds, so to speak.

In leaving the old behind, which is not as easy as it sounds, we are learning new ways of achieving our goals - new ways of creating and living. So, I had some thoughts along those lines, and will be working on them over the next period of time until they come into form. I have a feeling I'm in for some more fun adventures in discovering new ways of living and being in this new energy. 

So, that's all for now - until next time be in Peace and Enjoy Each Moment in Light Love and Blessings, and expect Miracles, 

Betty (aka: A. Leandra Star Child)